Frederick Charlton

Double Bass Soloist

Frederick Charleton
  • Chamber Music Specialist
  • Jazz Soloist
  • Orchestral Player
  • Composer
  • Arranger
  • Double Bass Masterclasses
  • Private Lessons

Frederick Charlton’s playing is incredibly captivating and he offers a range of music spanning hundreds of years, from J.S. Bach to his new unique and original pieces played by groups and orchestras around the world. You cannot listen to his playing or original compositions and not be emotionally affected. Responses from audiences who are sitting at the edges of their seats during his concerts run the gamut from swooning to outbursts of tears, jovial laughter, enjoyment – as they reach finally a quiet meditative state intent on not missing a note as he expertly weaves sounds never heard before on his early 1900 Czech Bass. Frederick is a soloist with much passion who has proven himself to be a world class musician able to accompany worldwide orchestras, string groups, chamber orchestras, or simply as a solo musician. Frederick has no limitations and is well-experienced of playing any genre of music. His recordings are impressive and his sheet music is played all over the world. He has been noticed and reviewed by such fine artists as Gary Karr and David Walter.

Frederick Charlton is on fire!!

Bach on Fire CD cover

Available at: Amazon, Lemur Music, CD Baby, iTunes

Lemur Music in San Juan Capistrano, CA featured Mr. Charlton as soloist for their open house in 2004. The following is the review that was posted on their website:

“Frederick Charlton graced the stage for a set comprised of his 30 years dedicated to transcribing Bach Partita's for the unaccompanied violin to the double bass. Many pieces from his recent CD, 'Bach on Fire' were performed with an element of grace and precision that reinforced Frederick's arco ability. There was a silence that took over the crowd as he weaved his way through a repertoire of compositions he has dedicated his life to perfecting. Frederick went into great detail in explaining certain hurdles he had to overcome in transposing and perfecting these great works. It was a phenomenal experience to see this master in action.”

Famed contrabass soloist and educator Bertram Turetsky said:

“With Mr. Charlton’s CD 'Bach on Fire' and subsequent publishing of the Unaccompanied Violin Partitas of J.S. Bach, Frederick has single-handedly raised the bar in solo bass performance for the new millennium.”

Frederick Charleton



Phone: 714.273.5526

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